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Interesting ergonomic side note...
« on: Fri, 27 May 2011, 14:41:05 »
I have found I need to keep a conventional keyboard and mouse for other users at my home and office. But, anyone that has typing discomfort or just dislikes typing, has usually shown great interest in alternative input devices. Much more open minded. Several have bought a Rollermouse or Kinesis Freestyle (split) after using them on my computers.

Kinesis Contoured-too much of a change, everyone becomes hunter/pecker.
Rollermouse-almost always a big hit.
Alphagrip-makes people cry.
Datahand-people don't comprehend.
Apple Magic Trackpad-big hit.
Evoluent Vertical Mouse is ok, but people generally like to lay/rest their hand on a mouse.
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