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Cherry G80-11906HRMIT Review
« on: Fri, 09 September 2011, 21:42:31 »
I got one of these on a whim, mostly because it was 20 + shipping NIB. I like it enough I might go and pick some more up (the seller is actually local to me, where local is a 45 minute drive). So, the quick version is: 2KRO, Black switches, beautiful doubleshots, Italian layout. The Italian layout is actually kind of cool for one reason: The extra key that does <>. Very useful, as I am a programmer. The other keys just work as my fingers want them to, as I didn't set it to use its Italian layout. My only annoyances so far are these: 1. 2KRO on the Arrow keys cramps my style occasionally playing Kobo Deluxe. 2. The Space Bar is REALLY heavy, and seems to have a different plastic than the doubleshot keys. I really like typing on the Black switches... I find I need the tactile bump less than I thought. As for that tactile bump, and for NKRO, I take out one of those other boards I bought, an old Cherry G80-8200 LPBUS with Clears. I might review that next (the short version is: 6KRO over USB, NKRO over PS/2, Clears are a little heavy for my taste, especially after getting used to these blacks...)

Edit: Forgot to mention how much I love the "scooped" F and J keys. So much better than "tits".
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