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QGMLWB keyboard layout
« on: Mon, 28 November 2011, 05:28:13 »
“When a modified QWERTY layout is fully optimized (where the P and ; keys are swapped),
the resulting layout is QGMLWB and effort is reduced by 44%.
Note that ZXC maintain their position relative to QWERTY, as do Q and S.„

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(For more information, go to

• Here are the install files:

• Typing lessons:
- install RapidTyping (
Before running RapidTyping for the first time, go to directory "\RapidTyping\Resources\Lessons\" and replace file "Default.xml"
with this one
This file configures any layout for the English Language, showing all the lessons in levels Intermediate and expert in English.
(Note: if you skip this, and don't overwrite file "Default.xml" before running RapidTyping for the first time,
you will get only lessons for the Beginner level, on this keyboard layout)

• To try it without installing anything, use this Autohotkey file:
(Note: “Pause” key alternates between keyboard layouts)