Author Topic: Truly Ergonomic keyboard registering double keypresses?  (Read 3771 times)

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Truly Ergonomic keyboard registering double keypresses?
« on: Wed, 08 February 2012, 22:10:59 »
So I just got my TECK today and I'm really frustrated by it. Part of it is due to the funny key locations---which hopefully I will become accustomed to, but I really think an extra column to the right of the right-pinky column would be warranted to keep /, |, - and ' where you expect them. However I think this is stuff that is a matter of overcoming muscle memory.

The bigger issue is that I am getting a lot of double key presses. I have to keep a watchful eye on what I type and usually have to re-enter passwords. Has anyone else had this? This seems like it would be a firmware issue rather than hardware...

I do like the Blue switches---my laptop keyboard feels so gross now---but I'm not so convinced about the TECK's ergonomic features. I may just have to return it and up my max-price on the ErgoDox...

EDIT: Just saw this thread:, sorry for the extra thread.
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Truly Ergonomic keyboard registering double keypresses?
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 18 February 2012, 19:54:18 »
RMA it or ask for a replacement with browns or reds
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Truly Ergonomic keyboard registering double keypresses?
« Reply #2 on: Sun, 19 February 2012, 08:06:43 »
Was the problem just with blue switches? The reds were also taken off their website.
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Truly Ergonomic keyboard registering double keypresses?
« Reply #3 on: Sun, 19 February 2012, 08:27:27 »
There aren't many red TEs around here. IIRC Gerk and RTbar have/had one, though RTbar's is going to treigle I think.

Gerk posted he had no issues, dunno about RTbar.
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