Author Topic: Kinesis browns have diodes?  (Read 1195 times)

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Kinesis browns have diodes?
« on: Thu, 09 February 2012, 16:47:55 »
Is this true? Now that the caps of my new classic are soaking I can see the switches. There is something shiny in them does cherry make switches with integrated diodes?

BTW Can't wait to mod this baby. Need to buy a Dremel. >:)
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Kinesis browns have diodes?
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 09 February 2012, 17:06:22 »
Yes, those are diodes. You can order them from Cherry with diode or a jumper.
The diode/jumper adds stability if the switches are PCB-mounted. Jumpers are useful also if you have a one-sided PCB.

BTW, use low speed on the dremel when cutting plastics, otherwise you will melt it more than cut it.
Let me suggest also that you get a set of "needle files", to use for the detail work. They are cheap.

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Kinesis browns have diodes?
« Reply #2 on: Thu, 09 February 2012, 18:02:03 »
I recommend a tungsten-carbide cutting bit, I have been using the Dremel #9902 one. I briefly tried the multi-purpose cutting bit, but the cuts were too rough.
If you need switches with diodes and can't find them, you can easily get regular switches, open them up, and put 1N4148 diodes in them. Here's a cheap place to buy diodes:

Happy modding !

For information on hidden spots for extra switches (apart from footswitch terminals mentioned in my wiki) check out this post:

You can actually add 7 extra independently remappable keys total in this keyboard.

Also my wiki has pictures and uses of switches both with and without diodes on a Kinesis Advantage:
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Kinesis browns have diodes?
« Reply #3 on: Thu, 09 February 2012, 22:24:39 »
don't forget xacto knives, make the smoothest edge. (unless you really mess up)