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Hi guys, I'm a newbie on geekhack and a keyboard and mouse fan always browsing the forum as a guest:) I just want to share with you a sudden idea jumpping into my mind. This is all about the mouse:)

The basic idea follows like this:

We add a small projector on a proper position of the left side (for right hand users) of a selected mouse. It functions like a virtual input area besides our mouse.

I know there are some on sale products like G600 Logitech and Razer naga, and there are also keyboards like virtual keyboards. However, these products are limited in their appearance or practicality. And not all of us will like the industrial external shell design like naga, etc. just for the 6 or more keys. The virtual keyboard are more conceptional not practical.

I think my idea of the projector on mouse will be a useful enhancement instead of mulikey mice and other alike input devices.

The pros of this mouse are:

1. a small projector with laser sensor on the left side of a mouse. The mouse appearance can be designed as normal, like I.O, I.E. G1,G500. In this way we can avoid adding more keys on the side of a mouse which seems to be ugly (maybe) and make the side of the mouse much more larger.

2. The projected virtual area is variable. This area can serves as a num pad, a hotkey pad, or just a big area as a single function like copy or paste, anything you can customize. The appearance of the virtual can be  changed as you like, rectangle, circle, what ever. The distance to the mouse can be adjusted. You can put the virtual area projected  beside the mouse, or you can also put this area a little bit far from it, that's your choice:)

3. The virtual area moves with the mouse. It has a relative position with your mouse and you can easily find the right preset function (like potions, skills, copy, paste) on this area. This is very practical when playing games or office work, I think:)

4. If you dont use it, just turn off it. Now your mouse is just a simple mouse without any redundent buttons.
By comparison, if you have a mouse like naga, you cant do that because it is designed into a mouse with many buttons on the side!

The cons of the mouse (I guess):
1. High cost (maybe)
2. Not easy to design
3. Dont have small projectors to fit
4. feelings of virtual buttons.

I'v drawn a draft  to show my idea, hope it is more clear than explaining:)

At last, I'm not a native english speaker and if there are errors in spelling or gramma just sorry for that:)

BTW: The ID on the top right is a ID I used on another forum:)
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