Author Topic: Can't signup/log into GHwiki.  (Read 1283 times)

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Can't signup/log into GHwiki.
« on: Fri, 03 August 2012, 17:54:30 »
Just wondering why I can't log into the GHwiki nor can I find a sign up link.  I would like to contribute some info about BS and ALPS. Is this an admin only page still?

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Re: Can't signup/log into GHwiki.
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 03 August 2012, 18:41:30 »
actually, we're going to try to get single sign-in working, so that you can just sign into the wiki with your GH account. there will be some limitations to contributing (not everyone with a GH account will be able to edit), but unfortunately this isn't up and running yet. check out the wiki workshop forum to see how we're handling privileges now.

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