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Monterey Keyboard
« on: Wed, 15 August 2012, 09:50:10 »
Hi all,

Found some old keyboard that i had laying arround in storage, does anyone know exactly which keyboard this is? (I've been google-ing and it looks the most like a Monterey K208 but it has a windows key while that one doesnt and the keycaps are kinda different).

I've never seen this kind of switches before, they feel a bit like cherry browns but the bump feels more smooth.

It has 3 different type of switches in it (might have more different ones below the space bar for example, it feels quite weird haven't looked below it yet)

Edit: Forgot to mention the number below the keyboard says "FKD46AK208"

Made some pictures of it with my phone, sorry for the poor quality:

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Re: Monterey Keyboard
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 15 August 2012, 10:03:44 »
It's Monterey with rubber dome. The Monterey K104 and K108 have mechanical switches, in different flavours.
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