Author Topic: Milestone Wrist Rest for Filco (normal Layout)  (Read 945 times)

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Milestone Wrist Rest for Filco (normal Layout)
« on: Fri, 28 September 2012, 16:34:41 »
Hi there,

this is my first post on Geekhack!
I hope that somebody can help me out. Three days ago I got my first mechanical keyboard, the Filco Majestouch 2 with german layout (I am from Germany). The feeling is very good, although I make some typing errors cause my old keyboard was a Cherry Stream (bigger caps...). But I hope i'll manage to type better in the next few days/weeks :)

The question I have is the following: Can somebody provide me a picture of an MJ2 with the Milestone Wrist rest "mounted". The wrist rest looks really sick, but all the picture I can find is with HHKs or Topres...

I am very interested in buying one of the wrist rests if it fits to the Filco.

So thanks in advance an have a nice evening (or day, depending on where you live :) )