Author Topic: Razer Deathadder, Synapse and 800dpi  (Read 1552 times)

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Razer Deathadder, Synapse and 800dpi
« on: Tue, 13 November 2012, 09:07:15 »
So, the old DA drivers lets you put it at 900dpi, which is close enough to the 800 I'm used to, but I got Synapse on my laptop because I checked the driver section of Razer like a day before they added the older drivers back in, and I noticed it lets you set the dpi on a slider. I tried finding some info on this but didn't have much luck, although apparently setting it do dpi steps other than those in the old drivers is a bad thing.
Does anyone know what setting the DA dpi to 800, or any step other than the old driver steps, in Synapse actually does?