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I'm offering various custom modification services, with a short description below:

1) soldering/desoldering - nearly every mod that has to do with switches require desoldering the switch, doing the mods, and soldering everything back. I have equipment to do both.

2) switch/stem/spring swapping - If you're tired of a certain switch, you can change only out only the switch instead of getting rid of the whole keyboard. You can also mix and match with different stems and springs to get your perfect feel. Ergo-clear switches are a popular modded switch type. These require desoldering/soldering.

3) switch lubrication - using high end oil and grease to lubricate the springs, switch stems, and switch housing for every individual switch for a whole new level of smooth typing experience. Certain oils also greatly dampens noise from keys bottoming out and popping back up. Requires desoldering and soldering.

4) stabilizing stickers - these are stickers that goes between the top and bottom switch housing. They minimize loose movement of the top housing, and has negligible dampening effect. Requires desoldering and soldering.

5) custom plate installation - There are some custom TKL plates or poker plates that allows switches to be removed to do your own mods whenever you want, without the desoldering and soldering process. But the initial installation requires you to desolder all the switches from the old plate and resolder them back to the new plate.

6) Aluminum anodizing - Chemically treating the surface of aluminum to give it a protective hard surface coat. One huge benefit is one additional step during the process to add color. I can anodize anything that's aluminum, not just keyboard-related stuff. I can also strip color from something that's already anodized, to anodize to a different color. Still in the process of buying equipment and testing it out. You can still send me PM if interested though.

7) LED swapping - if your keyboard already has keys that are backlit, I can change the LED to almost any color. Requires desoldering and soldering of LEDs.

8 ) removable/permanent USB cables - if you're KB has permanent attached cables, it can be modded to have removable cable. Likewise, if you're keyboard has removable USB cable, it can be modded to have a permanently attached cable.

9) Full keyboard assembly - Most custom keyboards require assembly (Phantom, GH60, KMAC, cheat, or any other Korean customs, etc). Requires soldeing, but no desoldering.

10) CPU delidding
- Not keyboard related. Intel use extremely cheap thermal paste under the IHS, which causes high temperatures, especially when overclocking. Removing the IHS to apply your own thermal paste can have a significant reduction in temperatures without any additional hardware. Tutorial video is linked, but I can also do this for you if you're not fully confident enough to do it yourself.

This is my workbench where all the magic happens

  • full rework station
  • 3 soldering irons (40w, 70w, 100w)
  • hot air rework gun, 500watts
  • desoldering gun, vacuum pumped
  • digital multimeter
  • Kester-44 63/37 0.020" rosing-core solder
  • SRA 60/40 solder paste with flux

Parts available for mods:
  • switches (MX): blue, red, brown, black, green, clear, grey
  • springs: Korean 55g, 62g, blue/red/brown, black, clear
  • switch stickers: red or green color
  • lubrication: Krytox GPL-103 oil, Krytox GPL-205 grease, Victorinox oil

Since there are large variety of (mx switch) keyboards and many mods you can do to them, please PM me with keyboard model and which mod you'd like done to the keyboard. I'll give you a quote with a breakdown of costs, depending on keyboard size, which mods, and parts you'll need. You're responsible for both way shipping (each way is ~$7 poker size, $10 TKL size, $15 full 104 size).

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