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The Ultimate Custom Keyboard
« on: Sat, 15 December 2012, 10:12:51 »
So, I want someone to tell me whether or not I am crazy to suggest this:
-A Custom Built Keyboard utilizing lubed and dampened/double-dampened Cherry MX Blues Featuring:
-A Parallax 2-axis joystick built in (joystick can be pressed down for left or right click, or we can have separate LMR buttons [maybe omron D2F-01F?])
-An internal USB hub to connect the keyboard and pointing stick to
-A Teensy/++ controller (or maybe there is a way it can be universal?)
-Driver software in autorun format for windows/mac/linux on a built in flash drive preconnected to the hub (or maybe directly connected if the hub needs install drivers)
-Cherry MX Lock for Caps Lock keys
-Built in universal memory card reader
-DIP-Switch for switching between different keyboard layouts
-Non-printed PBT Keys
-Built in hub/headphone passthrough
-PS/2 interface with USB adapter and full nkro
-Full Anti-Ghosting
-Subject to change as I think of more stuff to jam into this hodgepodge of creative crap