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Reviewers wanted.
« on: Thu, 30 August 2007, 04:06:17 »
For those that wish to do input device reviews in the future, please PM me your contact information.  (name and mailing address)

This is need not provide me this info if you don't want.  (but then it will be highly unlikely that a random keyboard/mouse/etc will show up at your door).   :wink:

I am but one man...and it is still unclear whether this site will survive (lets face it, we only have 3 active users).  But I am dedicated to making it work...simply because I like talking about this stuff.  This is not meant to be a money maker at all, so I'll let it run indefinitely as long as there are others here that also like the site.

That being said.  I would really like to start getting some good product reviews logged here.  I will do so with my new Unicomp "Model M mini" once it arrives.  I also forsee sending items out to other members (or, even getting loaners for review if I can build relationships with vendors).  

And I'm still planning a giveaway contest this winter . . .