Author Topic: ADB 2 USB bridge using PIC18 series  (Read 1411 times)

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ADB 2 USB bridge using PIC18 series
« on: Wed, 19 December 2012, 04:09:17 »
Hi there,

it seems like I'm quite late to the party, as there is already a adb2usb converter project going on using the teensy platform. Anyways, maybe some of you would take interest in my adb2usb converter that I built using the PIC18 platform.

See for a writeup and all software and schematics. The writeup focuses primarily on the hurdles of implementing this bus system properly using some microcontroller hacks in order to allow for the required timings. Currently only one Keyboard is supported on the bus at a time. Furthermore I could only test with an Apple Extended Keyboard II, so maybe more testing would be great (hint).

The documentation will be provided in english as soon as I find minutes to translate it during the holiday season. Until then the big G translation seems to be not all too bad, albeit some german linguistic constructs seem confuse it which in turn leads to strange english sentences. ;)

Hope some of you find interest in this project. BTW: I'm using this adapter with an ext. II keyboard for my daytime job without problems.

Best regards,
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