Author Topic: Looking for Schematic for Model M Lock-key LEDs  (Read 923 times)

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Looking for Schematic for Model M Lock-key LEDs
« on: Mon, 31 December 2012, 20:01:16 »
My Model M 1390120 has this controller board on it:

According to the site I linked above early 1391401s came with the same board. The major difference being that 120s don't have leds. If anyone has a 1390131 with the same controller board, could you give me a schematic for the leds? It should be relatively simplistic, likely the LEDs are on a small board with some resistors, but as I've never seen one in person I don't want to just assume it's so. I've an idea for putting the indicators in my 120 without actually cutting up the shell and want to try it out but need to know what components I need.

Heck, even decent pictures of the front and back of the module itself would be fine. Resistor colour codes as well please.

E: Looking around for pictures of the module, it looks like it's just 3 green LEDs and 3 resistors, which appear to be Brown-Grey-Black or 180 Ohm each. I can probably test and figure out the connectivity myself but I'd definitely be thankful if someone could get me a picture of the underside and confirm the resistors.
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