Author Topic: Is anybody interested in half a laptop?  (Read 2776 times)

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Is anybody interested in half a laptop?
« on: Wed, 14 May 2008, 17:20:53 »

It's called the Keysonic Wireless Mini Keyboard. There's more information here.

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Is anybody interested in half a laptop?
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 14 May 2008, 17:53:49 »
Keysonic make loads of these types of keyboards (wired and wireless), they prefer scissor switchers though and I heard they are better than plain old membrane keyboards for typing but not so good for gaming, the one I am keeping my eye on is the keysonic that macally icekey but with blue led lighting instead of opaque white keys. Both keyboards come with a usb socket at either end of the keyboard which comes in handy. I prefer these scissor switchers for typing than normal membrane keyboards as they have decent key return, but like membrane you still have to bottom them out. All in all they are nice "stylish" typing keyboards

heres the comparison
The Keysonic ACK-5000

Macally Icekey

Virtually the same keyboard, I think macally licensed it off keysonic, anywho I own an Icekey for my mac and I find it a nicer than most keyboards to type with, and probably the best silent keyboard I own.
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