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Zinc alloy metal keycaps
« on: Sat, 20 July 2013, 12:14:12 »
This is my own metal keycaps. True 3D keycaps!
The material is zinc alloy.
I can not provide in-kind, but it is now to begin production. After 20 days, you can see it.
I posted some pictures for your reference, the physical similarity can reach 95%.
FILCO keycap height F region, FILCO is my favorite keyboard.

Some people might say, GirlDC already doing the same thing.
I copied them what meaning does.
Details! My Iron Man is the best detail.
Helmet line, retraction prominent part.
3D pictures or toys, everything you see will be perfectly reflected in My Iron man

I provided some iron man toys head reference, if you are imaginative enough, please put it in the keycap on the size of the imagination. Haha.