Author Topic: Two Tone Color Scheme for Keycool White Version 84  (Read 657 times)

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Two Tone Color Scheme for Keycool White Version 84
« on: Sun, 11 August 2013, 15:23:00 »
There are some GH threads on finding keycaps for the Keycool 84, but they are old enough that I was advised to start a new thread.

I have ordered a Keycool White Version 84 from Qtan, and I would like to replace all or some of the keycaps to achieve a two-tone color scheme. I would prefer dye sub thick PBT keycaps if these are available in the correct profiles and sizes. Otherwise, I would like to use doubleshot ABS or a combination of dye sub thick PBT and doubleshot ABS. I have included a pic of the KC White 84 for reference (see below).

With respect to doubleshot ABS, have a Cherry G81-7000HPBUS-02 keyboard with white-on-black doubleshots from which I could harvest the keycaps. This board appears to have all the keys including a 1.75x right-shift key and 1x modifiers, but it lacks the 1.25x modifiers.

Which additional keyboards and/or keycap sets would I need to get the 1.25x modifiers as well as a keycap set in a contrasting color with the white-on-black doubleshots to achieve a two-tone color scheme on the Keycool 84? I am considering either a white (or beige) base with black modifiers or a black base with white (or beige) modifiers. One option would be to retain some of the stock Keycool keycaps if the profile would match. However, I want to get rid of the Windows key with the "bubble" and the spacebar with the Keycool logo.

Thanks for your suggestions!