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Order Problems
« on: Tue, 13 August 2013, 08:25:21 »
So, I ordered a QF Stealth with Greens a bit under a week ago from the CM store, not willing to wait for Amazon to restock.
After a day, my order confirmation was coupled with an email from an 'Isaac Perez', saying that I had to provide CC information, despite already giving it in the order. My concern is that since I have been in China since before I ordered, some sort of suspicion of credit card fraud might have come in to play, despite the fact that it was an American CC.

However, my main issue is that despite calling the man during business hours repeatedly at his extension, no response was received and the email given to me at first was vague and had no mention anywhere of what caused the delay. Should I just reorder and hope for the best or is this a common occurrence?
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