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Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs (Typing Games)
« on: Sat, 31 August 2013, 17:25:16 »
So I've played a few cool typing games in my time, but I was recently turned onto this one by a teacher where I work:

He was having some of the kids play the typing games on the site, and of course I had to try out "Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs."  I found that if you set the difficulty on hard, it's actually pretty challenging, and needless to say, I hopped on as soon as I got home.

Anyways, besides the obvious Typeracer, what are some of the best typing games out there?  I still haven't found a spectacular full-featured, downloadable, or shareware/commercial game, unless you want to count Typing of the Dead.

Typogun is another good diversion, but it's severely limited by its vocab lists and emphasis on single words, so it wears out quickly.

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Re: Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs (Typing Games)
« Reply #1 on: Tue, 03 September 2013, 00:12:30 »
If you know Japanese or at least don't mind typing japanese, there's Typemania
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