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Interesting warranty question!
« on: Fri, 06 September 2013, 10:31:13 »
If I buy a Dyesub 9008G2 and raid all the keycaps west of the numpad [to put on a 9087G2] and then resell the 9008 will the warranty still stay intact for the 2nd owner?

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Re: Interesting warranty question!
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 06 September 2013, 11:48:05 »
Probably not, as removing the key caps improperly can 'jeopardize the switches'.

Even if you removed them perfectly, the combination of removing them and reselling the keyboard is likely more than Ducky would be willing to overlook.

Good question though.  I like the way you think :D - What do you type on?