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Help needed for project.
« on: Fri, 25 October 2013, 07:35:02 »
Hi guys, long time since I was last here.

I am currently in the planning stages of a project, however I am falling over at the fundamental part - the Keyboard.

It may well be that I have to go with a lesser option, but if at all possible I do have specifics in mind.

So the project, is a Raspberry Pi based device, running RiscOS - I call it the R3.14 - in honour of the old Acorn Archimedes machines (A400, A3000, etc...).

At the moment, depending on keyboard size chosen I am planning to re-purpose either an Acorn Electron case or an Amiga A600 case.

Keyboard wise I really like the look of the IBM M4-1 - I want that old fashioned beige look if at all possible.

I want the TrackPoint, preferably with 3 buttons.  And this is where it starts to collapse.  If I go with a 2 button mouse the I MUST have the Windows key instead as RiscOS makes heavy use of the middle mouse button so it has to be 3 buttons or Windows key.

I don't really want a fullsize keyboard, and the SpaceSaver II looks quite nice - but is only in black.

A feature that I would like is for LED's in the Caps and Scroll lock buttons as opposed to in the top right.

A secondary NumPad layer either utilizing NumLock or Fn would be nice, but is not essential.

USB is preferred over PS2.

So far, functionality wise, only the Lenovo USB ThinkPad keyboard meets the requirements, but asthetically it is miles off.

So to sumarise

  • Compact - no separate NumPad
  • TrackPoint
  • 3 buttons on track point or windows keys on keyboard
  • PS/2

  • Beige
  • Illuminated Lock Keys
  • USB

Can you guys help identify anything that would fit these requirements, or those of you who are more knowledgeable of the insides of IBM keyboards - can something be cobble together to meet the above requirements?