Author Topic: Bringing Dolch PAC 586 back to life -- Need Help --  (Read 1011 times)

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Bringing Dolch PAC 586 back to life -- Need Help --
« on: Mon, 28 October 2013, 09:01:15 »
I just received my dolch pac 586. I really like how it looks and I love that 90s design.

I would like to bring it back to life. But not with that old internals (that are anyway defective in my case).

To keep the project costs cheap, I would like to power it with a raspberry pi (and maybe upgrade later to something faster).

The intended use is to play retro games / emulate 90s consoles and systems. Playing games like Leisure Suit Larry, Monkey Island and more... all on that awesome clicky dolch keyboard.  :cool:

So my problems are these so far:

Did anybody attempt something similar and knows how I can drive the original display? There were two ribbon cables attached to the vga card. One ide-sized and one with 10 pins. Any chance I could drive that with the analog video out of the raspberry?

If this plan fails. Does somebody know how I can access the display? I already disassembled most of the dolch, but this thing is so well build... the display is still behind a metal wall and I have no idea how I could reach the display. Plan B would be to replace the display with one from a notebook with a driver card from china. This would give me a higher resolution but much more work and also more project costs.

I know a lot of you bought a dolch pac... and maybe somebody didn't only buy it for the board or the keycaps...  :D

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