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« on: Fri, 08 November 2013, 00:24:32 »
So I found this older thread, and I happened to see this link that Mkawa posted.

List of Hacker Spaces

I clicked on it and followed the map to where I live not expecting to see anything within 2 hours.  HOLY CRAP.  I found one that is damn near within bike riding distance from my house. is a link the my local one.  I signed up just to see what this is all about.  Will have to try and see if I can make one of the monthly meetings if I am not working.  Starting 7 12's on Tuesday.  Well the rest of the crew is starting on Monday but I will not work on Veterans day.  Iowa actually has a state law regarding vets working on Veterans day.  But the 7 12's should only be for a few weeks.
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