Author Topic: [WTT or WTS/B] Realforce 87U for a HHKB Professional 2  (Read 948 times)

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[WTT or WTS/B] Realforce 87U for a HHKB Professional 2
« on: Sat, 23 November 2013, 11:34:14 »
As the title says - I would like to trade my White and Grey Realforce 87U board for a HHKB Pro 2 in either colour (grey/white or dark grey).  I would want a board with printed keycaps as learning the layout of a HHKB on blanks may well be more than I can put up with!  I'm in the UK for shipping purposes - I have no issue with sending abroad / receiving from abroad.

I bought the RF from hamza_tm a couple of months ago but it's not getting the use I would like as I'm beginning to prefer 60% boards.  It's in a good condition with a tiny amount of shine to the spacebar.  The keycaps could do with a little bit of a clean but they're pretty good overall.  I'll provide pics tomorrow as it's dark here now and getting a good picture would be damn near impossible.  It has been modified by a previous owner (before hamza) to have uniform 45g domes on the alpha section (well all the keys you'd get on a 60% board like a poker) and then 55g domes on the function row, the 3 key num lock section, 6 key home cluster & arrows.

I would prefer a trade, but if there's not one to be had then I would be interested in buying a HHKB and then selling my RF although I'd want to find a HHKB to buy before selling this board - can't be without the oneness of cup rubber :thumb:

Thanks for looking :)

Edit: For some reason this has posted in GBs rather than Classifieds...  Locked and reposted there...
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