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Hello fellow PC enthusiasts, Gamers, and geekhackers!

Got driven into the Mechanical keyboard fad when Razer first released the blackwidow line.. At the time I was using a Logitech G15... Got the board back when I was young and just a gamer.. lasted 2+ years before finally retiring it with the black widow in 2010... and playing FPS fairly competitively.

Fast Forward 3+years I'm now doing various type of IT related work. Custom PC's, hosting, web development and management, anything PC related, I've been there.

Prior to registering on geekhack, I was simply a lurker. Learned quite a bit from all sorts of people around here, and fully enjoyed White Fire Dragon's Videos related to soldering, and finally after browsing the group buy threads, I was finally set on building my own custom boards... so then I registered.

Only really owned a short few mech boards. Just recently sold both my Razer blackwidow Ultimates with MX Blues and the Stealth MX Brown variant. And the Ducky DK9008G2 w/ Blacks is taking their spot until the groupbuy is finally complete! Really can't wait, and am super excited to finally try out MX Clears! The ducky MX black is training me to be ready for the clears, but I'm sure I'll end up swapping the springs out with some MX lights.
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