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Force graphs?
« on: Sat, 01 February 2014, 10:27:25 »
Are there force graphs available anywhere for the matias switches?

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Re: Force graphs?
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 12 April 2014, 03:06:15 »
HaaTa made a distance/force gauge, and I’ve pestered him a bit to get the actual measuring going, including going to visit and help out a bit. Anyway, these pictures are far from definitive: they’re only showing a single switch, measured one time, and there’s bound to be some variation from batch to batch, from switch to switch, from press to press. They might be considered preliminary: within the next month or two, I’m hoping that HaaTa continues to improve his force gauge, and I’d like to make some tools for making better graphs, including properly showing the upstrokes, and figuring out how to summarize results from measuring a bunch of distinct switches a bunch of times each.

But anyway, these still might be useful:

(x-axis is μm, y-axis is grams-force; also note the x-axis varies a bit from picture to picture)

Matias quiet click:

Cherry MX blue (but note this was from an old used keyboard, so might not be perfectly representative):

IBM Model F:

SMK “monterey” blue alps-mount:

I’m going to be out of the country for a month, but when I get back I’ll make sure we also measure tactile orange Alps, clicky white Alps, dampened tactile cream Alps (these seem like the most relevant ones to compare to Matias switches, being the initial inspiration for them), as well as Matias clicky switches.
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Re: Force graphs?
« Reply #2 on: Sat, 12 April 2014, 09:34:56 »
This is fantastic stuff. Can you create an "official" topic where you post this stuff so we have it all in one place?

I'd love to see graphs of MX clear and ergo clear.

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Re: Force graphs?
« Reply #3 on: Mon, 14 April 2014, 12:35:31 »
That's awesome, thanks for the info (and in advance for any more graphs that you're able to post)