Author Topic: Relegendable buckling spring keycaps  (Read 593 times)

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Relegendable buckling spring keycaps
« on: Mon, 03 March 2014, 01:26:13 »
This is in response to a request by Moose

My camera flash refused to work, sigh. I never have luck with technology.

They’re thin polycarbonate. The tops are smooth, although the texture feels nicer than ABS. But these have a tendency to turn yellow with time.

They fit perfectly well due to their little tabls on the side, but are easy to pull up. All in all, quite nice and interesting.

Bought a batch from someone in Germany who pulled them off IBM keyboards.

I need most for my projects, but am willing to give away a few to people who want them - for the price of a geekhack donation. Just pledge your amount here openly and pay to whatever account gh uses. Shipping alone will cost me $1.10 minimum, so pledge $1.11 at least.
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