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UV coated key wear & durability
« on: Fri, 04 April 2014, 21:12:50 »
I see this mentioned in passing in a bunch of threads, but I can't find a thread that has solid answers based on long-term experience. And perhaps my Google-fu is weak but I can't find details anywhere else either.

It is claimed that UV coated keys handle wear better than regular ABS keys. Now there are several ways UV coating can be used:

1. UV coat over blank keycap top
2. UV coat over printed design on opaque keycap top
3. UV coat over printed translucent cutout keycap (for backlit boards)

I am wondering if anyone has real-world reports on extended use of UV coated keycaps in the above scenarios, particularly (2) and (3). This is because I'm thinking of getting a CM storm backlit board with UV coated keys, and obviously wear is especially apparent on backlit keys with translucent legends (if they're not doubleshots).

Earlier in my life I wore legends off the keys on several cheaply printed boards and now I mostly use blank caps or side printed. (Of course doubleshots solve the problem too.) Even so the side printed ABS caps from my Filco Ninja MJ2 have little worn patches on the top (their side printed keys are apparently uncoated on top), which isn't ideal but I guess not terrible since they're blank on top. I don't know if my fingers are just greasy, or if I'm just eating at my desk too much, or maybe I just rub my fingers on the keys too hard, who knows.

Anyway, I'm running on a bit. The point is, inquiring minds want to know... data appreciated.