Author Topic: Thanks so far and for the future :D  (Read 381 times)

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Thanks so far and for the future :D
« on: Fri, 09 May 2014, 07:42:50 »
Hi there, have been lurking for a while, finally doing something.
I have been taken so much out of this forum since 2 weeks, browsing nearly 3 hours per day here and looking for cool things, this forum gives me so much and it makes so much fun to read all this information about keyboards, keycaps and more, thanks for all that already :)
To me and my stuff, just got a steelseries 6gv2 from a friend for 10, so nice start for a Cherry MX Black board imo, bought a razer black widow ultimate 2013 Cherry MX Blue after a while (sorry for that, didnt really know anything about mech-kbs back then T_T). Got a Filco MJ-2 TKL with MX Browns as my first somewhat "good" keyboard, loving it so far soooo much :)
Anyways, hope I can maybe constribute something to this awesome experience so far for me and others. Also, special thanks to nubbinator, your thread about making your own keycaps got me so hard, ordered some stuff today and hope to do some next week on my own, so thanks for that.

Cya guys and have fun!

(Sorry for my horrible spelling and so on, no native speaker, my bad ._.)
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Re: Thanks so far and for the future :D
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 09 May 2014, 07:45:13 »
Your first mech board was 10 euros?? Nice find! Welcome to GH and enjoy your stay!
Please check out!