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Roccat Savu Owners... Quick Question
« on: Wed, 04 June 2014, 19:50:28 »
Does the onboard memory save all settings from all 5 profiles? If I set up the CPI/DPI, polling rate, color settings and keybindings I want for each profile and uninstall the software or plug it into another PC will I have all my settings? Can I bind a key on the mouse to swap between the profiles?

I have been searching the web for the answer to this question for quite a while and no one goes into any great detail on that aspect.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Roccat Savu Owners... Quick Question
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 06 June 2014, 05:41:19 »
Have you seen my review at Deskthority?

I've never used official drivers for MS Windows (only briefly took a look, when I used the Roccat Pyra). I run community open-source GNU/Linux drivers instead, and I don't even have them installed on every system.

Each profile consists of cpi and polling rate, enabled cpi steps, functions assigned to buttons, functions assigned to buttons on the EasyShift layer, light settings and possibly some other stuff as well, but I don't use that. My current remapping is: the two primary buttons and the wheel as expected (Mouse 1-3, scrolling), front side button to wheel click (Mouse 3), rear side button to EasyShift; EasyShift + primary buttons for history (back/forward), EasyShift + wheel click for profile cycle, EasyShift + wheel scroll changes cpi, EasyShift + front side button does... something (I don't use that).