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Simple standing desk and negative slope ergodox
« on: Wed, 23 July 2014, 15:00:49 »
Thought I'd share my setup, which, although not the most beautiful in the world, was relatively cheap to set up and is suiting me just fine for now. It's by far the most comfortable I've been while working at my desk.

First, my cheap solution for tenting my ErgoDox:

This same product is sold under a lot of names by a lot of different people, but most are ~$10 shipped. You don't have much flexibility with the angle, but I've found that the angle it comes with works well for me.

After buying them though, I had a lot of trouble getting comfortable with the ergodox. I tried a ton of different angles (without the stands) and just couldn't find anything that didn't feel like it was putting more stress on my wrists than a normal keyboard. So I converted my desk to a standing desk (by putting a lap desk on it) and used the stands to add a negative slope to the keyboard. This feels so much better than any way I've ever typed before. I can't recommend it enough, although everyone is probably different so ymmv.

As long as you place the stands well, they're very stable.You can tip a board by pressing on one corner intentionally, but I haven't found that that ever happens while actually typing.

That's all!