Author Topic: A good store to get kbc poker keycaps?  (Read 562 times)

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A good store to get kbc poker keycaps?
« on: Tue, 09 September 2014, 03:35:50 »
Hello guys, i ordered a kbc poker some weeks ago and it has arrived but it has a DE layout.. ( german )  :mad: i really though it was the US layout but nope..  dumbmove to order too quickly i guess.
so i have i'm probably gonna get new caps for it since changing the Z and Y doesnt work the design of the keycaps of the bottem to the top are different facing.
are there any good stores that sell keycaps? might aswell get a different colour too.
i tried googling about it and i came here on a topic about KBC poker keycaps and it seems this site has some keycaps but i obviously cant read or purchase there i think..
are there any other sites that sell them? or do i have to lood on ebay for these? since i cant really find anything on google about it or stores / websites.
also this is my first post/thread so sorry for my horrible english too.

EDIT : found this sticky
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