Author Topic: cheaper UV cables, yet not as premium?  (Read 1219 times)

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cheaper UV cables, yet not as premium?
« on: Sat, 08 November 2014, 10:10:31 »
Hello everyone. I hate to make a post so fast right after my last one, but this is quite different from my last one, so I felt it needed an entirely different post to make people aware of the change in approach.

I've been talking to a fee different people about my cables, and it seems the number 1 thing is price. Simply put, I was trying to make cables that were very rigid and just different from your average cables. Needless to say, this drove the cost up quite a bit.

Basically, my question is this. How many people would be interested in a nice, uv cable, but without the gold connectors, slimmed down mini usb connector and duel heat shrink, for more around $20, would a good bit of people be interested?
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