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Ducky Chinese Engraved Keycaps / Ducky Keycaps In General
« on: Fri, 06 February 2015, 23:10:34 »
Hello. Long time lurker here.

Decided to make an account to ask a few questions. Sorry if this is in the wrong spot or if I'm not allowed to post a question like this.

I have previously owned the Ducky Shine 3 with MX Blues and I fell in love. Wanting to try browns, I purchased a Ducky Shine 4 with MX Browns and am even more in love. However, I am really big into the whole Chinese alphabet, and I saw a video on YouTube of someone reviewing the Shine 4. The keyboard had ABS keycaps with the English letters, then the Chinese symbols under them. I absolutely love these keycaps, and want them very badly. I tried Google searching and found little to no results as expected, I understand anything related to Ducky is rare.

I know Mechanicalkeyboards sells them, but they are out of stock of all of the "good keycaps,"(Ducky PBT, different colors etc). I was wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase a set of these. I live in the USA and don't understand any other language than English so that is why I am having trouble finding these I think. I believe the exact name of the keycaps is "Cherry MX Chinese Version Keycap Set - Shine Black ABS (Ducky)."

Any input at all would be fantastic, or if anyone knows someone who can sell them to me, I'd be very appreciative. Thanks in advance.