Author Topic: RS84 75% keyboard kit (USA only)  (Read 54048 times)

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Re: RS84 75% keyboard kit (USA only)
« Reply #250 on: Mon, 20 July 2015, 10:34:49 »
I am still waiting to arrange something for damage item on 2 orders (taylordcraig and dblr). You 2 were the last in the list for those particular item, so you got the unlucky draw. The delux case is very badly broken, but perhaps could be made usable again with some expertly done epoxy though with very apparent cosmetic flaw. The other order issue is with a top bezel, which has a pretty decent sized scrape/gouge to the finish on a top facing corner. If you prefer not to wait and see about repair yourself to get going I can go ahead and send the items if you wish.
Otherwise everything else has gone out.

Thanks for the update! I'm fine with the scratch for now, please go ahead and send it out asap (excited about this build). Do you have any info on sourcing a new bezel? I'm willing pay for it and shipping if/when one becomes available? Thanks again!