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First Keyset Design Tests & Questions
« on: Sun, 22 February 2015, 17:29:39 »
Ahoi fellow space travelers!

I had some time on my hands recently and decided to make some tests on designing a keyset in ps just for fun.

Now keep in mind pls that this is my first approach on this and more a collection of ideas and tests, so don't expect a finished layout.
However I still figured it would be interesting to share for inspiration and maybe get some feedback and suggestions on some of the basic ideas.
Any ideas and comments are definitely appreciated! =)

So to start of i downloaded the template from signature plastics and set up all the basic keys, modifiers to start playing around with some different blank color combinations.

Setting everything up this far is already quite a bit of work and tbh the template should come like this to start of with.
So if anyone is interested in a template for easy recoloring in ps that works with the signature plastic one i can definitely share it.

Also it would be very interesting if anyone has a full text layer to share for example,
maybe we could even start a thread just for sharing and collecting templates to make it easier for everyone to try different designs...

So back to topic, after having some fun playing with blank combinations and setting up some very basic side printing,
i decided to go crazy with it and try some very rough ideas i had floating around.

Please don't judge me for the kinda overdone futuristic (might say even 'gamer style' eww) looks too much, as i was going for a certain design
and it actually turned out very different then expected and again are just tests and ideas.

Im still wondering what people think about it tho and on a side note challenge everyone to solve the riddle of witch particular design i was going for? xD
(Hint: I can think of at least 3 possible answers but the main ones are video game related)

Test 01:

Test 02:

Now I'm btw personally not exactly happy with the results so far and still unsure if i like it or not, but i guess I might like some aspects of it.
So all feedback is appreciated even if you just plainly don't like the ideas at all.

Another big question would also be if most of this is even remotely possible to manufacture? xD
Since some keys use three colors the only option (besides multicolor printing) would probably be to use double shot keys plus laser engraving with infill witch would limit the choice of materials to abs?

So in this case for test 01, all letters could be double shot and graphics infilled for example (or the other way arround).

For test 02 there would (if its even at all possible) probably have to be double shot and infilled graphics (since some keys use dual color graphics)?

I would guess making custom molds(?) for double shot graphic caps would be at least expensive. On the other hand
the Deep Space Set (love that set btw) had double shot abs caps with custom graphics i think...

THX for reading! I will update this thread when there is progress!
Also hopefully someone can give me some insights on all the mistakes i made.
It's my first time making a thread on geekhack so i hope its even the right section! =)
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