Author Topic: [IC] Phantom-compatible plates @ DT  (Read 1326 times)

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[IC] Phantom-compatible plates @ DT
« on: Tue, 03 March 2015, 16:53:39 »
Interest check here:

Posting this on behalf of Scottc from Deskthority.

I'm not affiliated with the IC/GB at all, just posting this here at GH for those of you who may be interested in this, as Phantom plates seem to be hard to come by.

Direct any questions about this IC to the DT thread, as I can't speak for Scottc.

Quote from: scottc
Let's discuss:
- Material: Stainless steel vs. aluminium.
- Layouts (though I assume we can get several done on the same sheet of metal so this is inconsequential)
- Manufacturers

Once we garner some interest, we'll try to contact a few places and get some quotes.

- ISO125
- ISO150
- ANSI125
- ANSI150
- 7BIT
More info:

Mods: I'm not entirely sure if linking an IC this way is okay, if it's not feel free to move or delete this thread.

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