Author Topic: [IC] SINAP plate, a split-hand Poker-style Ortholinear keyboard plate  (Read 1667 times)

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Title says most of it.

SINAP (stands for SINAP Is Not A Poker) is an ortholinear keyboard I've been working on for a while, that looks like this:

Current plate render:


* ortholinear split-hand 60%
* split 2u spacebars
* retains the nav cluster
* 2 extra media, home/end etc keys (or shift replacements, if you use right shift)
* should fit in aftermarket poker cases

That last one probably deserves a bit more of an explanation. I really like some of the aftermarket poker cases that are out there; I have a TEX 60% CNC'ed case, and I've been building inside that with my 3d printer in order to make this plate fit, holes and all. Theoretically that means it fits all the other aftermarket poker cases, but I only have the one, so I can't verify that.

I've been talking with Jack Humbert and he thinks the plate is a neat idea. He said he could get the plates done for 25$ with an MOQ of 5, with the price going down a bit after 10. If people aren't down with building inside an aftermarket case he could also manufacture custom cases for 20$ per with an MOQ of 5. That's not a bad idea, as it's kind of a hassle to build inside the aftermarket cases (for instance the Teensy won't fit under the esc key, so you'd need a breakout board like this: )

the google form is here:

so what do you think?