Author Topic: [Sold] HHKB Pro 2 white with many extras  (Read 997 times)

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[Sold] HHKB Pro 2 white with many extras
« on: Wed, 22 July 2015, 06:03:53 »

original post:

Hi guys, I'm selling my HHKB with quiet a few extras on eBay. I'm from Germany and I'm shipping within the EU.

The auction includes:

- 1x Happy Hacking Keyboard Pro 2 white with printed keycaps and TOPRE switches
- 1x Additional blank keycaps set
- 1x Additional red ESC key (printed, not blank)
- 2x Additional colored modifier keycaps set
- 2x Braided USB cables (1 long in blue/black, 1 short in gold/black)
- 1x Original PFU carrying case
- 1x Original packaging
- 1x Original invoice from the Japanese merchant I imported it from


Have any questions? Feel free to ask!
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