Author Topic: [sold] 62 Key Model F (Kishsaver) Auction  (Read 1387 times)

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[sold] 62 Key Model F (Kishsaver) Auction
« on: Thu, 06 August 2015, 05:21:37 »
In case you have not noticed, I am auctioning my 62 key Model F (Kishsaver) over on Deskthority.

Let me know if this is not an acceptable listing for this subforum, seems like it would be to me.  I will remove if I'm violating any terms.
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Re: [deskthority] 62 Key Model F (Kishsave)r Auction
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 06 August 2015, 17:29:25 »
God damn it! I spent my Kish money on Kaps...

Maybe I can find another $400 in my wallet.  :blank:
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