Author Topic: [eBay] $41 BIN ASAP - IBM Model M Buckling Spring with Trackball (M5-2)  (Read 885 times)

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So, I'm all set with Model Ms for the moment, yet somehow accidentally sniped this guy. Rather than deal with the drawn-out process of contacting the seller; asking if, before I pay him, will he please try first offering it to the next bidder on the list; etc., I figured I'd list it here so you can buy it instead.  Assuming you're CONUS, I'll have the seller ship directly to you rather than me, and I'll throw in half the shipping fee. N.B. that it doesn't come with a cable, but Unicomp sells new ones - or you can install a Soarer's and roll your own.

//edit: A guy from Vienna called first dibs over @DT, but obviously international shipping adds logistical complications - so sale is "pending," but not closed yet. PM if interested.