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[IC] KBP V60 Mini (Asia Pacific)
« on: Fri, 11 September 2015, 10:17:29 »
I'm normally on /r/MK, so here's the original post:

Just running an interest check for Keyboard Paradise's V60 Mini Keyboard.  All of their "normal" combinations are available (MX Green, MX Clear: Blue/Red LED, Blue/Green LED, Dolch (no LED)).

Here is the current prices that KBP are offering: 
10pcs , USD 97 
15pcs , USD 94 
20pcs , USD 89 

All of the above is excluding final shipping.

I'm based in Hong Kong, so this will mainly benefit Asia-Pacific Buyers, but shipping from Hong Kong tends to be ok.

Quick searches show that to ship to Hong Kong is an extra 3 USD, and to Australia/US is 25 USD.  Again, more detailed research will follow if sufficient interest is shown.

Closed. Not enough interest
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