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Hey everyone
« on: Mon, 26 October 2015, 11:08:27 »
Hi guys,

Excited to join!  ;D

I've been lurking around the "Making Stuff Together" forum for a few months now.  I'm just another geek who loves his boards and technology in general.  I work in the IT industry and recently made a transition from a development role to a solutions architect role.  I also am developing a few frameworks for a startup that I am a co-founder of.  Needless to say I spend quite a bit of time with my boards.  Probably more than I should, but what can I say, I'll take any excuse.

My daily driver alternates between an HHKB and a Filco Maj2 TKL though since getting my HHKB the Filco doesn't honestly see a whole lot of use, but it was my first real board and has earned a special place in my heart.

At night I enjoy some of my other hobbies.  I started playing table top fantasy games some years ago, and got into modeling and casting my own miniatures.  Though I haven't actively played tabletop games in several years, I still enjoy the painting and modeling.  The last month or so I have started playing around with designing some of my own caps.  Thus I thought I would join the boards to become a more active participant in the community and start a hobby thread or something of the like.

Anyhow, glad to be here, hope I can keep learning a lot and maybe even share a few tips or tricks I've picked up along the way.

Happy hacking!

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Re: Hey everyone
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 26 October 2015, 13:09:05 »
Welcome to GH CapC!

My HHKB has a tendency of making me neglect my other boards too
That's really cool you cast your own miniatures - you should take a look at the Making Stuff Together thread and see how people have put their casting knowledge towards keyboards!

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Re: Hey everyone
« Reply #2 on: Mon, 26 October 2015, 13:19:51 »
Welcome! My first board was a Filco TKL too haha, definitely getting less use as I start to build my collection.

Really wanting to try Topre though. I have clears, blues, and browns, and the curious side of me just needs to know. I guess the same goes for buckling spring :P

Can't wait to see how your experiences translate into sculpting keycaps, be sure to keep us posted!
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Re: Hey everyone
« Reply #3 on: Fri, 30 October 2015, 04:21:11 »
Welcome to Geekhack!

A very good solid couple of keyboards you have started with :)

How can one not use keyboards enough?  I wish I had more time to play with my keyboards.

After a quick look, I don't think we have a miniatures thread, but this one, What do you collect?, is probably as good as, so feel free to post pictures of your models there :)

Unless someone can find a more appropriate thread ...

There's also a rather dated thread about MechWarrior/Battletech Thread!, if your miniatures are in that universe.
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