Author Topic: little project idea for me, need a few tips from experienced people, thanks.  (Read 1111 times)

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so, here we go, im ordering in a noppoo nano 75-S as it's basically the perfect keyboard for me, it's the best i can find for my needs, small around 60% ish but has arrow keys easily accessible (had a ducky shine mini a while back and this was an issue with it so i had to get rid of that) so basically im after something small with arrow keys that aren't on the function layer in the 'classic' (or as some say old) gray and white theme with clicky switches, now, whilst the board will fit in my budget along with the soldering kit, i've never done or really thought about this kind of thing before, so im needing some tips on the whole thing, i have switches that i can salvage from boards come and gone and to choose from i have blues and greens, that's not the thing i need help with as such but basically im just posting to ask if there are any tips/tricks i should know before i embark into this unknown territory? im confident in my soldering skills so that shouldn't be an issue, i feel i know enough of keyboards and the like from my ganders on the internet to get the job done but i wonder if there's anything else i need to know before i start? and that's why i feel it best to ask people that either know more than me (which is pretty much anyone) or better yet people that have done it, many thanks everyone for having the time to read this and thanks to all who contribute, i will add that i know there are better boards out there and i know full well that there are boards out there that will fit my entire needs without needing the modifications, however, i have very little in the way of budget in relation to what the others would cost, ill have £70 to play with including a soldering iron and some more solder (i have solder in just not enough to get all the switches soldered on, have a very small amount in)