Author Topic: [IC] Standalone base for Panavise PCB arms  (Read 1294 times)

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[IC] Standalone base for Panavise PCB arms
« on: Sun, 19 June 2016, 18:51:08 »
I am going to say this right off the bat.  This thread is to guage interest before developing, testing, prototyping, and spending money.

The purpose of this device is to be a base and crossarm for use with Panavice's PCB holder arms without the need for buying one of their swivel bases. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of their products, but frankly their casting quality tanks right up there with Unicomp's due sub quality.

What I am thinking is essentially an H shaped frame with legs.  The middle portion of the frame would be where the PCB arms would go.  Angle adjustment will be default and I am working on a version in my head that will allow height adjustment independent of angle adjustment.  The angle adjust Kent would be essentially infinite, no steps or indents,  just spin it and lock it down.

Would this be of any interest?  I have no idea on price. This would be dependent on sizes, complexity, and options.  But judging interest before furthering development. 

As far as width of PCB supported, I could essentially make this as wide as wanted.  But I do plan on 2 base sizes.  One to support up to TKL layouts, and one for anything up to say the GH122 or the largest even semi common layout.
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