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« on: Mon, 19 September 2016, 23:54:10 »
I'm hooked :)

At the moment i am typing on my first finished project, a steelseries 6Gv2, i swapped the original PBTs with white on black front print ABS and printed the missing keys myself. (And they do not stick. Heh.)

Next up are replacing the stock keys on a Matias Ergo Pro with Tai Haos and building my first GH60!

Without further ado, there is a full keyset of laser etched (?) black singleshot PBT (the stock keys from the 6Gv2) in my drawer waiting for a new owner and i am searching for a set of matching ABS for the soon-to-be GH60 as well as the GH itself...



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Re: Hi!
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Welcome to keyboard 101.  :)
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