Author Topic: Transforming a 76 key Ergodox into a 80 key Ergodox  (Read 3657 times)

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Transforming a 76 key Ergodox into a 80 key Ergodox
« on: Sun, 08 January 2017, 18:44:40 »

So... I'm using daily my Ergodox for 3 years now.
Well... I like it. Maybe because I do have big hands.

I'm missing one or two thumb keys (on each hand).
I may be buying a keyboardio but it is rather expensive.

First I thought I might give a try to an 80 keys Ergodox by replacing the 2u thumb keys by 1u keys. The one on the top would be set taller than the one on the bottom.

I see my plates have things ready to host those 80 keys (provided I solder the diodes at the right place.

I had a friend printing my case from the SLT files available on the former Erogodox web site.
Those are for 76 keys.

My question is the following:
I can unsolder the 4 switches used by my 2u keys on the thumb cluster but will it be possible for me to modify the top part of the case to host 2 1u keys instead of 1 2u key?

I good at soldering and have a dremel to modify "inplace" the top case (without unsoldering all keys from the keyboard).

Do you think it is doable? Is there anything I should take care of?

Thanks a lot,