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Help to buy new keycaps classic style
« on: Mon, 08 May 2017, 01:06:32 »
Hallo to everybody!
I have a mechanical keyboard AULA SI-2012 (my keyboard has 87 keys, without leds, and is style ISO), and I would like to change their keycaps for keycaps kind classic, you know, white keys with black characters, to be more specific, I'm looking keycaps the most related with a Compaq SK-2800 (I love those keycaps)

Anyway, someone can recommend to me web pages to buy cheap keycaps (not translucent) the most related with this criterion?
my actual budget is $50 dollars. I already was surfing on a lot web pages, searching, and I found this:

OEM profile ANSI 87 (TKL) Top printedPBT Keycap for Cherry switch

Cherry profile TKL(87 keys) Top printedPBT Keycap for Cherry switch

Now, these are my questions:

1. That's a good price?
2. I should to buy Cherry profile or OEM profile?
3. Someone has a pciture of those keycaps but with an angle different like this one?:

4. If I buy those keycaps, I will have conflict with another keys than "ENTER" and "\|", I mean, I can't just put all the new keycaps and just keep those two keycaps from my original set of keyboard?
5.Someone has experience about shipping costs buying from Taiwan? I send an email to doyustudio, and they told me that the shipping cost will be around $8 dollars, that's a good price? I will not need to pay anything else?
6. Someone can tell me what kind of profile of keycaps has my AULA SI-2012?

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