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KachaKeys Sale 1: KeyHugger
« on: Tue, 27 June 2017, 11:37:33 »
Hi GH!

This is our first artisan sale  ! Thanks for sticking with us and seeing us at KeyCon 2017!

We will be doing 3 Rounds of these caps, the first sale is limited to 30 caps. 5 of Each Color.
The proceeds from the sale are going right back into our caps, in the hopes of purchasing a
compressor for casting.

It Is a first come first serve style sale.
Unless we receive more orders  than there is inventory
at which point the sale will become a raffle.
The First Sale is limited to CONUS only due to our in experience shipping internationally.

Each KeyHugger is 22$ Plus shipping calculated by your location.

Pick Up to 6 colors (more colors will be made available for round 2)
Invoices will be sent out ASAP
Please allow up to 1.5 weeks for shipping to happen (its our first time!)
If there are any issues with your order please email us at
There are 5 of each color for V1, V2 may include similar colors, but we will avoid making them identical.
If you submit your information, you are agreeing on paying for the keycaps you select. (up to 6)
Payment is required within 24 hours, or your spot will go to the next person.
These are our first keycaps, we guarantee that the outward facing surface and the stem are formed correctly,
though small bubbles may be on the underside of the caps due to the casting process (gravity - non pressure)

If you understand all that, please fill out our google form:


The Goodies: